Charter School Choice



Charter schools are designed to expand parent choices within the Baltimore City Public School System. Every family in Baltimore has the opportunity to apply to charter schools and explore the variety of innovative instruction approaches they offer.


At Southwest Baltimore Charter School (SBCS), our Expeditionary Learning School model is rooted in a commitment to providing teachers and students with academically rigorous experiences that are marked by purposeful learning, challenge, collaboration, and perseverance.  The mountain our students and teachers are climbing may be metaphoric - a challenge of schlarship rather than physical effort - but the ethic is the same as on an Outward Bound wilderness course.  Everyone - every teacher and student - regardless of beginning levels of preparedness - must work together as a team to get to the top of the mountain.  Everyone must confront the challenge of academic achievement, and everyone must succeed. 


Like all charter schools, SBCS seeks to attract students from across our city's racial, economic, and ethnic lines and we encourage parents to visit us along with other charter schools and zoned schools in your neighborhoods.  Understanding and experiencing different curricula and school environments will help determine which school offers the best fit for your student. We are eager to work with parents as they explore the right choice for their child.