Faculty & Staff

Erika Brockman, Executive Director
Iffeisha Gordon-Toppin, Principal
Gena Proctor, Middle Grades Director
Anne Romeyn (Romey) Pitman, Elementary Grades Director
Faten Gaffere, Director of Special Education/IEP Chair
Becky Danso, Technology and Intervention Specialist
Karen Brown, Executive Assistant and Bookkeeper
Jenica Glenn, Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the Principal
Kendra Stuckey, Office Assistant
Michael Dourgherty, Reading Partners Coordinator


Elementary Grades
Chris Mules, Kindergarten Teacher
Amanda Cherry, Kindergarten Teacher
Tia Fore, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Mimi Dickerson, Kindergarten Paraprofessional
Courtney Davis, 1st grade Teacher
Kate Risse, 1st grade Teacher
Caelyn Sommerville, 1st grade Paraprofessional
Linay Reed, 1st grade Paraprofessional
Allacey Perrera, 2nd grade Teacher
Sarah Fetcho, 2nd grade Teacher
Terri Doughney, 2nd grade Paraprofessional
Becky Stevens, 3rd grade Teacher
Rachel Rudebusch, 3rd grade Teacher
Brandon Bennett, 3rd grade Paraprofessional
Frederick Coleman, 3rd grade one-on-one aide
Joshua Rothschild, 4th grade Teacher
Rodrigo Pincheira, 4th grade Teacher
Patrick Clarke, 4th grade Paraprofessional

Cultural Arts, Media, and Adventure

Jeremy Smith, 5th-8th Fitness and Adventure Coordinator/After School Programming

Brad Hunter, K-4th Fitness and Adventure Teacher

Siobhan Vicens, K-4th Art Teacher

Janelle Sanders, 5th-8th Art Teacher
Alison Seidenstricker, Dance Teacher
Karen Kotchka, Librarian
D.J. Nash, Weinberg Library Assistant

Middle Grades

Albert Phillips, 5th grade Literacy and Expedition Teacher

Sekia Adams, 5th/6th grade Paraprofessional

Corey Gaber, 6th grade Literacy and Expedition Teacher
Eve Blymiller, 5th/6th grade Math Teacher
Ryan Mason, 5th/6th grade Paraprofessional
Geoff Godfrey, 7th/8th Humanities Teacher
Valencia Clay, 7th/8th Humanities Teacher
Nora Sokolow, 7th/8th Literacy Teacher
Jessica Herceg, 7th/8th Science Teacher
Shareen Aarons, 7th/8th Math Teacher
Jessi Mitchell, 7th/8th grade Paraprofessional
Marcus Lane, 7th/8th grade Paraprofessional
Linay Reed, 7th grade Paraprofessional

Special Education

Alicia Shaw, 5th-8th Special Educator

Shanell Johnson, 5th-8th grade Special Educator

Emily Marshall, 3rd/4th grade Special Educator

Jessica Bernacki, K-2nd grade Special Educator
Gay Claudio, PAL Program Teacher
Josh Caprio, PAL Program Paraprofessional

Health and Student Support

Tim Guyton, K-4th Student Support Counselor

Teoine Carroll, 5th-8th Student Support Counselor

Dawood Thomas, Cafeteria/Playground Leader

Heather Ottena, Occupational Therapist
Colleen Andersen, School Psychologist
Nicole Bennett, Speech and Language Pathologist
Brittany Sothern, Mental Health Therapist
Robin Reynolds, School Nursing Aide

Cafeteria and Custodial

Sheryl Norris, Head Custodian

Hattie Mcknight Holmes, Cafeteria Manager

Christine Fraction, Cafeteria Staff

LaShawn Thompson, Cafeteria Staff