Elementary Grades Art Excitement.

Check out the wonderful things going on in the Elementary Grades Art Studio! 


In the first picture, In art! 3rd grade explores adjectives by acting them out with their body! In the second picture, In art! 3rd grade visits the dance room to practice gesture drawing! (The drawing on the bottom right was done in 30 seconds!)
In the third picture, In art!
1. 1st grade studies handmade painting tools!
2. They go outside to find some materials for their own tools!
3. They study the materials they found, and the materials in the art room, and design their own tool!
4. Then they made their tool!

In the fourth picture, In art!
1.Kindergarten works with their table to draw as many lines as they can think of!
2.When they're done they go around the room and find more!
3.They add those lines on their tables paper!
4.And then create lines with string!

In the fifth picture, In art !
1. Kindergarten completes a line work sheet!
2. They draw different lines with crayon, and trace it with black paint!
3. They paint in the line carefully with watercolor!
4. And then turn their painting into a LINE MONSTER!!!!!!